Adult education classThis website is devoted to the training of trainers (TOT) for adult literacy [AL] in the context of international Development [D]. While there are websites devoted to advocacy for adult literacy learning, there are few, if any, sites devoted to TOTALD.  

Over many years, I have been asked by trainers in adult literacy (and extension) programmes in many different countries if I can direct them to training materials and other papers which will help them in their work. It is not always easy to send these to them, so this website is planned as a means of getting materials and information relating to TOT into the hands of trainers. 

This is particularly aimed at the informal (and often very short) training programmes for volunteer facilitators rather than the more formal and longer-term training programmes in educational institutions,  though some of these programmes may find these materials useful. 

This site aims to:

  1. describe TOT and especially innovative approaches to TOT and to provide a platform for research into TOTALD – in this connection, it invites contributions.
  2. provide a platform for training materials.
  3. provide some papers on adult literacy for trainers and supervisors leading to a greater understanding of what literacy is. A list is given of some recent publications which trainers may find helpful – this will be updated from time to time.

Provided acknowledgement is given to this website, all the papers on this site may be downloaded and used for training or for personal use.  Papers in WORD may be adapted in any way. All materials may be translated into any language needed.  

We also aim to provide news about TOTALD  - we would welcome contributions from anyone of new developments or ideas on TOT for AL in D

Please tell us if you find this site useful or lacking in what you feel you need.


Alan Rogers
Bury St Edmunds
March 2013