Research into TOT


a pilot attitudinal study of rural literacy instructors in Tamil Nadu, India

The report which follows was first prepared in India in 1987-8,  during the last years of the National Adult Education Programme.  Since then,  the National Literacy Mission has taken the place of the NAEP,  and the Total Literacy Campaign has come and gone on a quite different model in virtually all Districts.  

But the results of this research project into the roles and attitudes of adult literacy teachers (animators, as they were then called;  facilitators as they are more frequently called today)  are still valid.  These people,  often volunteers or reluctant and under-paid practitioners at field level, are still the key personnel in any adult literacy programme.  And the purpose of this report is not to suggest that the conclusions we found then are universally applicable over wide distances and in different times and programmes.  Rather it is to suggest that we need research into exactly what these animators actually feel and aspire to.  Too often agencies make assumptions about the facilitators without having anything more than anecdotal impressions to draw upon.  True research reveals that matters may be very different from what we think and much more varied.

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paper prepared for UNESCO GMR Literacy Team April 2005

Discussion of the training of literacy educators is today on the whole a neglected field. Time and again, those who responded to my enquiry reported that they knew of nothing recently published on the training of literacy educators or facilitators . Very few comparative studies have been written until the last few years.

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