Ethnographic approaches to literacy teaching: a cartoon book

This short training booklet is intended to help the teacher (facilitator, animator, instructor, tutor, skills trainer, extension worker etc) in adult learning programmes to understand more clearly what they are doing and how their learners (or trainees) will learn. It describes an ethnographic approach to understanding what literacy is and how the literacy learners relate to the literacy in the community and in the classroom.

This ethnographic approach can also be used by other teachers of adults in Development programmes – for example, in health and in agriculture, in teaching livelihoods or microfinance, etc – anywhere in fact where the teachers of adults wish to find out what the learners already know and what they are doing, and how to build on what the learners bring to the learning programmes.

We hope you will find this useful. There are two versions of the booklet, one for reading on screen and the second for printing out and stapling into a booklet

Download the screen version here

Download the version for printing and stapling here