Teaching Methods in Extension

Teaching Methods in Extension

This booklet has been written to help you in your teaching of adults, whether you are an extension worker or instructor in agriculture or health and nutrition or mother and child care or community health or in integrated rural development, or teaching literacy or family planning or workers’ education or courses for women or income-generating/vocational programmes or technical subjects in continuing education or some other form of education or training for adults.

For teaching adults is different in many ways from teaching children or college students. If you try to teach adults like children, you will usually have little effect and you will sometimes provoke opposition. If you teach them as adults, your   work  will become more  effective and more

This booklet is part of a series concerned with thinking about what is so different about teaching adults. It deals with the methods of teaching we adopt that is, the things we do as teachers and the things we ask those who are~ in our classes to do as learners (we shall call these persons student! learners). It is primarily concerned with teaching with groups of adults, but some of its contents may be useful also in one-to-one teaching. And some teachers may find some of what it has to say relevant to teaching younger age groups as well. Some of the methods discussed can be. used with illiterate groups but others only apply to literate student/learners.

We have left a good deal of space on each page for you to make your own notes and to add further points as your experience of’ teaching adults grows. We hope that you will find this booklet useful.

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